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Benayle is a sample of a new race we’re introducing in Terah. They have a really rich history that is India flavored. Right now that’s the part of the world most heavily being worked on. I’m told they are basically outcasts from normal society that are doing their best to fit in with all the changes. As world travel increased, their race found an unexpected niche. Like their cousins, the wolves, their bodies produce their own vitamin C. This makes them immune to scurvy and gives them a very positive edge in jobs that require a lot of travel, such as sailing, both on the sea and in the air. While science has linked the problem successfully, cargo space can be used more effectively if it doesn’t have to be taken up with something that wants to rot.

One of my goals in Terah from the start, was to limit the number of sentient races. The world of Victorian England, which figures heavily into the game’s culture, really only saw one race–the human race. The original plan was elves and humans. Dwarves were added later, not for any other reason than that having elves seemed to demand having dwarves. Gnomes I did because gnomes can be fun and with the right seasoning, can add a very non-human or outside perspective to the game. I view dwarves and elves as subsets of humans, not because of any weird geeky science or genetics, but simply because you can find their cultures entrenched in human culture. I added a twist by giving them somewhat new cultures, but made sure that they still represent subsets of our modern culture. You will find their cultures in many places throughout the world. All three are present in the modern USA.

Vykati, like Benayle, are a bit of a hybrid of my thinking on gnomes and elves. They are part of a traditional culture, but they are forced to view that culture from the outside. Of all the races, I think geeks will find a bit more to relate to in that.

Be sure to stay tuned. There’s more in-depth stuff coming on the Vykati in general and Benayle in specific.

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  1. Jodi Lane says:

    This is going to be what I play–I hope!

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